Hi, I'm Anna and I fall a lot. I post a lot of music and other shit like Sherlock, youtubers, Arctic Monkeys and The Beatles.
Also, cats are the solution to every problem.


John Watson according to character tropes: season 3 

Sherlock Holmes: (x

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"I Thought This Outfit Was Super Cute Until I Got To School" a five part documentary starring me


when people are like “wow you do a great job protecting your skin from the sun!! how do you do it???” and I’m like “there is great wifi at my house”


you are not fat
you have fat 
you also have fingernails 
you are not fingernail 




Évolution inversée

these dont even look like him

Well, when Picasso was starting out, cameras were becoming really popular, and traditional portraits of people were becoming really obsolete because of this. So a lot of painters at this time were trying to figure out how to keep people’s attention (this is how we got the impressionists and popartists). I’m pretty sure the story goes that Picasso went to some museum or show that displayed art from different countries and he was absolutely fascinated by the harsh angles and exaggerated features African masks. So he took inspiration from that and began to work on his own style- Cubism.

And there’s your art history of the day ^.^